This letter is addressed to our customers and our community to thank them for the trust they have placed in us and to extend our most sincere apologies for the delays and rescheduling in the dates of reception of their orders.

We are currently experiencing a large delay with some of our orders, there are several reasons that have triggered this delay:

At the beginning of the state of alarm we had to reduce the working hours of all of us who form the team of LePetiteMarie since we had a drastic drop in sales but suddenly, sales increased to normal levels but neither we nor our suppliers have had a rapid reaction capacity since the state of alarm has affected us all negatively (Shortage of raw materials, reductions in working hours, very limited logistics services, saturation of logistics lines, etc.)

All our team is working hard to remedy this situation but despite our efforts, this situation is beyond our direct control ... right now the subsidiary company of Correos (SINOTRANS-Correos), with which we make our shipments, is totally saturated and is the one who takes the packages to the post offices for subsequent delivery, for that reason many orders appear as Pre-Registered but have not yet been able to be delivered.

We know that many of you are upset and we are sorry that you cannot receive your package in the expected time... We know that many counted on us for special moments or gifts but it was impossible for us to foresee this soon as we get back to normal we will compensate all of you who have suffered a delay with your order.

We are a group of young, very honest and humane people and we guarantee that we will deliver each and every order, even if it is late, as we have been doing since we started.

We ask you please to be a little more patient, this is also a new situation for us and we are trying to solve it in the best possible way.

We sincerely hope that you can accept our apologies and allow us to continue working for all of you.

With all our hearts,
The LePetiteMarie Team.